Guest Post:

My journey with float therapy began when I was 14 years old. For some of us, it is hard to put in perspective the ways that we have changed as we have gotten older. For me back then- it was hard to imagine getting older at all. Growing up, I was battling multiple different mental health issues and was struggling to keep up with the growing list of demands that life serves us with.  Sensory deprivation therapy is one of the things that changed my trajectory.


Understanding Yourself

There is so much value in beginning to understand yourself, to allot the time required to take in everything around you and to let it go when needed.  Floating has taken me from the depths of my mind, deeper, and back again in virtually every way. Growing up as a neurodivergent person is really overwhelming. Simple things that are a part of daily life are genuinely the most draining and monotonous challenges that neurodivergent people face, not to mention there is an enormous stigma following mental health issues.  Floating for me was a message to the universe answered in the most profound way and I view it as a personal practice that I cannot live without.  My younger self would tell you it was an escape from reality but my current self is writing to you now understanding that this is an indulgence in yourself and the qualities of being human. After almost six years of floating, I can recommend it to anyone though I hope that more people like me will find this service and be able to spiritually and emotionally grow as a result. Already, I can see a community of floaters forming and have heard many similar stories of success. One of the things that I can attribute to floating is the improved relationship I have with my body and my mind. Another is the improvement of sensory issues and how they factor into my life both then, and now, as an adult.

Growing Older

As I have grown older, I can thank float therapy for providing my safe place and somewhere that I can always drift back to. Within that water, I have reignited my passion for art which has now become my major in college. I have counseled myself through wanting to give up, and it has taken the weight off of my shoulders mentally and physically. My practice in floating practically saved me from a life of addiction. It opened my mind in a spiritual sense and influenced my beliefs in the world, people, and how everything operates. The value of this service, for young and old, is immense. It truly pushes its participants to emanate their best selves.


Based on my experience I can only tell you to jump into this experience. If you are parents reaching for an avenue of healing for their child, someone in the midst of grief, experiencing trauma, PTSD, sensory issues, anxiety and depression, or you are living with a difference that makes normal social and physical interactions a challenge, I truly think that this is an avenue that can only benefit you. The great thing about this therapy is that it welcomes you with open arms. My recommendations are – do not tell yourself that you do not have time. Make the time.

Understand that floating is not always a walk in the park, it may make you face the uncomfortable things about yourself.

Most importantly, stay consistent and listen within.