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R.E.S.T. Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique

We love following the latest research about Floatation Therapy. Our membership within the professional Floatation Tank Association connects us with research papers and scientists.

floatation tank association

Athletic Recovery

This study from 2013 looked at athletic recovery for participants following a workout. There were two significant measures that improved, blood lactate levels and perceived pain levels.

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Lowers Blood Pressure and Stress

In this meta analysis conducted in 2004, conclusions were drawn after comparing 27 different studies. Float R.E.S.T (restricted environmental stimulation therapy) had positive effects on participants physiology, in particular lowering levels of cortisol and blood pressure.

floatation tank association

R.E.S.T. and Improving Sleep

This study in 2019, was a review of other studies done about sleep and float R.E.S.T. Each study it reviewed, thirteen in all, showed benefit in quality of sleep for participants. Some had effects lasting four to six months after treatment.

floatation tank association

Preventative Medicine

This is a small but interesting study from 2014 that looked at float R.E.S.T as a preventative measure. Close to 100 people concluded that their stress, anxiety and worst levels of pain all decreased in the seven week study. They also noted that their optimism and also sleep quality were all improved.

floatation tank association

Reduces Anxiety

This study conducted in 2016 looked at participants diagnosed with anxiety disorder, which affects approximately 40 million people in this country. Significant beneficial effects were seen for sleep quality, emotional regulation and depression. Jonsson, K., Kjellgren, A. Promising effects of treatment with flotation-REST (restricted environmental stimulation technique) as an intervention for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD): a randomized controlled pilot trial. BMC Complement Altern Med 16, 108 (2016).

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