Explore the benefits of weightlessness in our open float tank. Floating involves laying in our 5×8 foot tub with skin temperature water and 1200 pounds of medical grade epsom salts. The room is as quiet and dark as you’d like it, allowing for the nervous system to deeply rest and reset. Reduce pain, improve sleep, reduce anxiety and stress with floatation therapy.

Infrared Sauna

Our infrared sauna heats your body, without heating the air around you. An infrared sauna produces results similar to those produced by moderate exercise, such as vigorous sweating and increased heart rate, at lower temperatures than a regular sauna. This makes it accessible to people who can’t tolerate the heat of a conventional sauna.

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Find us in the Wellness In Vermont building in downtown Montpelier, within the practice of Integrative Acupuncture.

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“I’ve never floated before, but I’ll be back! I put in the ear plugs, showered off, and stepped into the warm tub. I turned off the light and put the headrest under my head and laid back. At first, though I was flat on my back, the buoyancy supported me and I felt sort of like I was sitting in an armchair. After 20 minutes or so of relaxing, so much of my body relaxed… Aaaah. I was definitely spread out. I loved the headrest (black donut-looking thing) and highly recommend it. I have jaw tension and my jaw responded really well to this type of treatment. By the end I felt like another 30 minutes would be dreamy. Afterwards, it’s a little slimy/slippery feeling due to the salt but the free-standing shower rocks for getting scrubbed clean in the warm water.”

Anna Van Fleet

“I am 70 years old and suddenly this new decade is highlighting my aches and pains. I have fibromyalgia and onset of osteoporosis along with frequent lower back pain and treating planta factitious. I have had a tremendous response to acupuncture having avoided two surgeries on my feet. I tried the float therapy and had a very inspiring, relaxing and healing experience. I showered then entered the pool which has 1200 lbs of epson salt and low pleasant lighting for a full 60 minutes. I did not choose music I chose silence. When I stepped in, using the head rest, I was immersed in perfect temperature water, staying warm for the full hour. I immediately felt the presence of my mother who died when I was seven and basked in the thoughts of what it was like for me to float in my mothers womb growing from fetus to infant. Other thoughts of people gone by rushed in but I consciously stayed with my mothers presence. I don’t think of my mother often and do. Not even remember much about her. But floating in this pool was an unexpected and surprise experience that connected me to my body and spirit in a new way. An hour had within it time for me to quietly let go and float. And then do all of my water exercises. Then back to no movement and relaxation and allowing the magnesium to to tend to my aches and pain through my skin organ. When the lavender light turned on I knew my hour was up. Stepped out of the water and showered again. I felt treated physically and emotionally. Highly Recommend doing float therapy. And they are offering family discounts where you can give the experience to your children. Family and friends. A gift of a lifetime!”


“What an incredible experience! I had done a “float” once before in an incapsulated space so I knew a little bit about what I was getting myself into, but this float certainly surpassed my expectations. Jon and Kerry guided me through the directions to shower and get myself into the tank and helped me feel very comfortable with the process. At once I was warm and weightless and felt almost like I was back in the womb. The tank is large enough to wiggle around to different areas if you like. At first, I stretched and self-massaged a little bit to feel more relaxed. Then while I was floating still, I was able to drop into deeper and deeper levels of consciousness, or unconsciousness rather. Accessing a state of mediation is incredibly amplified. It almost felt like I could feel my joints loosening and the toxins being drawn out of my muscles and organs. I didn’t want it to end, but an hour felt like the perfect amount of time. Afterwards, I rinsed off once more in the shower and my skin felt incredibly soft. I felt an inner glow throughout the afternoon. I would recommend eating lightly beforehand because it also seemed to benefit my digestion. And hydrate well afterwards. I will definitely be a regular customer!”

Kasey Mcmanmon

“I’ve been telling everyone about the floating! I enjoyed it (and will definitely be back) on a number of levels. As a movement therapist I was able to explore some subtle micro-movements while being totally weightless. That was very cool! And I have been recommending it to my students and clients. Personally, I found it so relaxing and rejuvenating. It was a much needed pause and stress reliever. Looking forward to going back. Thank you for bringing it to Montpelier.”

Amy Lepage

“Exquisite! The ultimate in relaxation and stress relief, floating in salt water (1200 lbs of it!) for an hour. Everything was just perfect, from the earplugs and headrest to the lighting and sound choices, to the helpful staff who explain the process and answer all your questions. I’ll definitely be back!”

Elizabeth Battey

“The salt float was a totally new experience for me. The room is warm and relaxing and I felt all of my worries just melt away. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to detach for a while and calm their nervous system.”

Susannah Gravel

“As a senior citizen, I really appreciated the care I felt from the staff during my float. It was extremely comfortable and surprisingly relaxing to float. I’ll definitely be back and tell my friends from pickleball.”

Linda Garage

“First time doing a float, the room as I walked in was very warm and the tub felt awesome, amazing how you float, and I used the head rest and that was very comfortable and kept my head up a little out of the water. When I got out at end of my session to use shower ,couldn’t figure out how to get the hot water☺️but continue with the cold. Will definitely be back again to float”

Sandra Dufresne

“Float in Vermont is like sensory deprivation tanks of old, but without the claustrophobia, more like a spa experience. It’s a lovely setting and includes an infra-red sauna. I came out of Float feeling deeply relaxed, pain-free, very peaceful. This is definitely a tool I will to reprogram my nervous system and heal pain-related issues. A plus for Montpelier!”

Sarah Gillen

“This was my first experience with a FLOAT and it will surely not be my last! No detail is neglected to make this a safe, secure, personalized and delicious experience. As one floats, stress seeps away as we open to healing. Sensory deprivation may be optimal, but just submerging is significant and not to be underestimated. I can easily see that repeated visits will each bring new and beneficial results. I look forward to my next FLOAT!”

Linda Freeman